Drive Performance from Data-driven Insights to Impact

Trail is a cloud-based Corporate Performance Tracking, Monitoring and Impact Assurance tool that enables organizations drive efficiency, performance, and growth leveraging the power of data, automation and gamification technology

Why Choose Trail?

Trail was built with the singular purpose of empowering your organization's journey towards driving their efficiency, performance and growth. With Trail, you are enabled to maximize your digital and data assets, to achieve more with less, and soar to new heights of success.



Trail eliminates the need for manual work by automating the entire data collection to reporting processes for back-office and front-office teams within an organization. It empowers teams to realize at least twice more efficiency in work delivery and output. No more tedious paperwork, but smarter ways of working that saves you time and money.



With Trail's intuitive performance monitoring and evaluation features, you gain real-time insights into your organization's performance against set goals / targets. This empowers your executives, investors, board and other critical stakeholders with the knowledge they need to extract meaningful insights and make evidence-based decisions, for improved governance, risk and compliance management



Trail extracts actionable intelligence from data generated through gamification techniques such as those used to generate leads, convert customers, and reactivate dormant clients, thereby unlocking channels for business growth. Leveraging gamification, Trail taps into the psychology of your consumers and opens up new ways to learn about their profile and behaviors needed to drive targeted sales and marketing for improved business results.

Our Product Features

Leverage Trail to automate your end-to-end data collection to reporting lifecycle to achieve operational efficiency, performance tracking, monitoring and optimization for growth. Trail features are designed to support data visualization, strategic planning, market research and intelligence reporting.


Executive Dashboard


Portfolio Management


Forms Management


Customizable Kpis

comprehensive reports



Predictive Analysis

Why Trail is your Smart Choice

Provides a simple, productive and effective way to manage and make sense of the data for your organization's projects, programs and initiatives seamlessly in one place. It's your One-stop shop to achieve your data-driven organization and impact goals.

smart choice trail

Data Driven

Trail operates on a data first approach. Trail provides data in an organized manner aligned to your needs. Data and analysis is presented in a clear and readable format


Choose only what you need from trail. Create templates and reuse them. KPI management to gain insights through data collected on trails


Built with cloud security best practices, data is stored securely & encrypted

Who Trail is Built for

Trail was built for Private (Corporates), Public (Government Entities) and Third Sector (Mission-driven/Social Impact) Organizations. The solution is adaptable for business operations, project and program performance tracking across these target market.


Federal, State and LGAs, Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Parastatals, etc

Donor Organization

Multilateral & Bilateral Development Financing Institutions (DFIs) and Philanthropic Funders

Private Sector

Companies & Firms (CSR), SMEs Commercial bank, Private Investors (Private Investors, Private Equity), Social Entreprise

Civil Society Organizations

Local community groups, NGOs Faith-based organization, Women's group. Adolescent and Youth groups

Track, Measure, and Monitor Impact the right way